California Institute of Nanotechnology

Our Mission


California Institute of Nanotechnology’s mission is to conduct research and development and provide professional education and training in the frontier of nanotechnology to meet the needs of the emerging industry for the benefit of the society.

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Nano Bio Clean Tech 2011

Research Projects in Nanotechnology & Energy


California Institute of Nanotechnology is conducting research on the application of nanomaterials in renewable energy.

The research team is lead by our director, Lloyd L. Tran, in collaboration with our partners at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field.

California Institute of Nanotechnology and Cleantech Institute brings unique expertise in nanotechnology to solve some fundamental problems in the development of Lithium Air battery technologies.
Our scientists were able to encapsulate the lithium metal core using solid electrolyte nanomaterials membranes. The solid electrolyte selectively allows lithium ions to pass through, but impervious to liquids and gases.

At a nominal electropotential of about 3.27 volts, the theoretical specific energy for a lithium/air rechargeable battery is 5,532 Wh/kg , which is about 10 times that of Li-ion battery chemistry that has a theoretical specific energy of about 400 Wh/kg.

The newly developed Lithium Air Technology will be used to power an AMPTRAN electric car that will go for 400-500 miles between charges.

Certificate Training Programs in Nanotech & Clean Tech

California Institute of Nanotechnology in partnership with the Clean Tech Institute offers the advanced workforce training programs in nanotechnology and its applications in clean tech industries:

BriefcaseCertified Nanotech & Clean Tech Professional (CNCP)


EVCertified Electric Vechicle Technician (CEVT)

Tool BoxCertified Clean Tech Technician (CCTT)


Certified Clean Tech Project Manager (CCPM)






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