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Lloyd L. Tran
Director of the California Institute of Nanotechnology.

Lloyd Tran

Lloyd Tran is a scientist with more than 20 year experience in research and development focusing on the application of nanotechnology in medicine and renewable energy. Besides teaching nanotechnology programs at the Institute, Lloyd has a passion in doing research in nanomaterials, nanomembrane and nanobattery.

Lloyd Tran was the inventor of a new infusion pump, known as the MICROS (Membrane Infusion Controlled Release Optimization System). The MICROS has been approved by the FDA for marketing in the United States.

The MICROS uses the state-of-the-art nanomembrane technology to control release medication accurately and predictably. The MICROS is used in hospital and homecare setting to administer more than 100 injectable drugs including antibiotics, anticancer, cardiovascular, neurological drugs and pain control medications.

He also directs research to develop a novel lithium air battery, which has about 7 to 10 times more energy density and capacity than lithium ion battery. His plan is to develop an electric vehicle that can travelmore than 400 miles between charges using lithium air battery.

Lloyd Tran serves as the President of the International Association of Nanotechnology, Director of the Clean Tech Institute and Chairman of Neurobiogen.

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